Sapphires Portuguese Water Dogs is located in Mesa, which is in the greater Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. Established in 2004, we are relatively new to the breed. This is why we work with our mentors, Karen Berggren of Planalto PWDs and Dorothy Dalegowski of Highbid PWDs, who have been in the breed of PWDs for 27 years. Together we strive to breed healthy Portuguese Water Dogs who are of sound mind and structure. Our goal in breeding is to improve our dogs, and the breed, with each generation. We strive to be reputable breeders with high quality dogs utilizing health testing to help breed healthy dogs.

Our puppies are raised in our home. People are always welcome to come meet our Porties. As responsible breeders, we want to give every potential puppy owner all the information they need to make sure this is the breed for them.

We consider each puppy a lifelong commitment and therefore we want to make sure each puppy is placed in a loving home. Come see our dogs!

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